Bad Apple: New Clippers Owner Wants to Ban Apple Products

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You've heard the saying don't forget where you came from, right? Well, new L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is cashing in on that idea.

Now that the Clippers are ballin' with Ballmer, he wants to switch up the team's technology. Call it a techie turnover from Apple to Microsoft, the company that helped him score his billions.

Ballmer told Reuters this week his loyalty to the tech company will reflect in the technology used by his coaches and team management. After all, he still has some interest in the company as the largest individual shareholder.

Looks like employees will have to trade in their iPad for a Surface tablet! Hey, he even banned his own family from taking a bite out of Apple.

But with recent reports of glitchy operating systems and bendable i-products, switching over to a windows phone might not be a bad idea.