Lost to Found: P.I. Gives Thoughts On Finding Christina Morris

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PLANO, TX -- The weathered posters for Christina Morris are a reminder to folks in Plano the 23-year-old is still missing. Morris seems to have vanished without a trace, and Plano PD has yet to come up with a clue to solve this case.

“There are two things you have to consider -- was this a random act, or was it planned? And at this point it could be either one,” Private Investigator Andrew Fisher said.

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Even though he hasn't been involved in this search, Fisher says he'd start with all the security cameras -- and there are plenty at The Shops at Legacy .

“It would take someone a couple of days to gather up that photo evidence and put it together that would allow the examination of license tag numbers of people coming and going at our particular point in time,” Fisher explained.

Surveillance cameras may have helped solve the case of another missing woman, Hannah Graham. Video shows the UVA student coming and going the night she disappeared. She's spotted at a gas station and then at a bar.

The prime suspect in the case was caught more than 2,000 miles away here Texas. A deputy spotted Jesse Matthew Jr. on the beach in Galveston Wednesday afternoon and took him into custody.

Back in Plano, Fisher says if he was investigating Christina's case he'd re-interview the folks who knew her best.

“The boyfriend is a good guy to go to, he knows something, he is going to know something.” said Fisher. and then there's criminal background checks, phone records and  emails

“We've got to eliminate people, that tells us where we are.” said Fisher

fisher knows time is not on Christina’s side, she`s been missing for almost a month now.

“We’ve got to get down to things that we know, and right now we don`t know a lot but we got a good place to start.” Fisher said.

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