The Missing Piece: Reunion Tower Missing From New Mavs Jersey

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DALLAS, TX -- Did you see the new Dallas Mavericks jerseys? Mark Cuban showed them off with the lucky winner of the Mavs design contest, which are set to debut during the 2015-16 season.

However, the World’s Best Skyline on the front of the jersey seems to be missing something. Where’s Reunion Tower? Where’s the ball?

Well, the folks at Reunion Tower noticed and had the balls to Tweet about not being in the skyline’s silhouette:

@ReuionTower: Is this what it’s like to be left out?

In true social media fashion, folks went crazy on Twitter. And once Mark Cuban caught wind of this fashion faux pas, he tweeted Reunion Tower back.

@mcuban: “We won’t leave you out … it was just a mock-up.”

The ball was front and center in the original design, but it got re-designed in the prototype.

And the tower got the last tweet.

@ReunionTower: “Thanks for all of the love today! Luckily, it’s been announced that I will make the cut for the final jersey. #notsurprised

No worries Dallas peeps, all is fair in love and basketball.

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