#LATTESALUTE: Obama Roasted Over Coffee Cup Salute

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NEW YORK CITY -- Everybody…..AHHHH...TENNNN...HUTTTT! Yep, the salute is used for traditional military greetings and each officer puts his or her own spin on it.

President Obama is no exception.

But, what has everyone up in arms this week is a video, which appeared on the White House’s Instagram account. It shows President Obama stepping off Marine One in New York City and saluting his security detail with a cup of coffee in his hand.

The image of America’s commander-in-chief being so irreverent to our men in uniform sent social media into a tizzy. Some folks blasted Obama, calling him flat-out disrespectful.

With everything else going on the world right now, there’s the ISIS crisis, turmoil in Gaza, and Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep an eye on, there are worse things to be upset over than a simple gesture which is not a requirement for presidents to perform.

According to the military, presidents are considered to be civilians. While they are to be saluted by members of the armed forces, they are not required to give one back.

The presidential salute is credited to Ronald Reagan, who began the tradition in 1981. So, in Obama’s defense, it’s better latte than never.

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