Corner Comeback: Cowboys Claiborne Back after Storming Out

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VALLEY RANCH, TX -- Sounds like one Cowboy had a little temper tantrum.

When Morris Claiborne got news he was getting dropped from the starting lineup after giving up five catches for 108 yards Sunday and was being replaced by Orlando Scandrick, he huffed and he puffed, and he stormed out of practice Tuesday.

But, then he was knocked back to his senses -- might have been his paycheck. He came back to Valley Ranch to talk things out with Coach Garrett.

“He had a chance to collect himself and he came by last night and we addressed it. We addressed it head on,” Coach Garrett said. “He’s back in here this morning ready to go back to work.”

So, looks like you can storm out of work, then come back the next day and no hard feelings. Too bad every job isn’t like that.

After practice, Claboirne said although he cooled off, he still isn’t cool with being benched.

“I felt like I had to apologize to those guys and my apology went to nobody but those guys,” he said. “I’m not gonna sit here and say no I don’t deserve to start because I deserve to start. But that's not what the coaches think.”

His replacement was saying all the right things.

“We are like a family. We all support him. We all went through tough times,” Scandrick said. “I’m standing here as someone who has been benched before, so I know how it feels.”

But let’s remember, Claiborne did have a big interception in the Cowboys miracle comeback against the Rams. So come on can’t we all just be friends.

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