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Change of Address? Lancaster Road Name Change Postponed

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DALLAS, TX -- Lancaster Road. This seven-mile stretch, from Illinois Avenue in Oak Cliff to the City of Lancaster, is up for a name change.

Earlier this year, Councilman Dwaine Caraway proposed the road be re-named Nelson Mandela Boulevard. The public was given a chance to sound off, for and against. And Wednesday, the council was finally ready to vote.

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So what did they decide? The Council chose to wait to vote on whether or not they should change the name, and let’s just say one council member isn't happy he’s not getting his way.

"Now behind my back, there's a move to derail the process,” Caraway said. "Am I disturbed? I really am. I'm glad that you all are here today to witness who's with you, and who's not.”

The vote will be pushed back to November 12 – as if there’s not enough voting going on that month.

If it passes, they’ll be changing street signs like nobody’s business. A lot of businesses aren't happy about that either.

Like it or not, looks like we’re going to have to wait for this revolutionary decision.

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