Banana Phone? iPhone 6 Should be Called iBend

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CUPERTINO, CA -- Ahhh… the brand spankin' new iPhone 6 Plus. This baby is supposed to be bigger, better and… bendable?

Wait, what?

Yep, Apple fans are … well... a bit bent out of shape over this.

They even took to Twitter after discovering their latest toy doesn’t stay in shape if you tote it in your pocket.

In case you’re wondering, the phone’s flexing feature is not like the LG Curve or Flex -- the ones actually designed with that cool curvy feature.

The iPhone 6 Plus? Yeah, not so much.

According to, it turns out the iPhone 6 Plus is made with a soft aluminum which, uhhh bends.

The LCD screen on the phone? Yeah, not so much. So far apple hasn't called back about this flaw.

Hmmm… sounds like this is something a software update won’t be able to fix.

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