Three’s a Crowd: Woman with Three Breasts is a Fake?

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UPDATE: It seems the Tampa woman claiming to have three breasts… is a phony.

According to TMZ, a police report proves their case. The celebrity gossip site claims Jasmine Tridevil’s luggage was stolen from Tampa Int’l Airport. Police caught the crooks and inside the bag guess what TMZ claims officers found — “a three-breast prosthesis.”

Uh-oh… the MTV reality star wannabe now has some explaining to do

WARNING: This video may contain offensive language and adult themes.

Three-breasted woman? Apparently, yep.

A Florida massage therapist hoping for a career in reality television on MTV says she had to contact around 50 or more doctors before she found one willing to perform surgery to add a third breast. Jasmine Tridevil, as she is now known, told radio station Real Radio 104.1, “It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they’re breaking the code of ethics.”

RED FLAG: If 50 or more doctors refuse to perform a surgery, can’t you assume those are good doctors and bad doctors and all kinds of doctors who are telling you it’s a bad idea?

There was, reportedly, one element the doctor could not add, therefore it had to be tattooed on the new(est) breast.

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