Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Hurricane Stranded Couple Returns

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DALLAS - It was supposed to be a relaxing getaway south of the border. Turns out Hurricane Odile had similar plans.

The storm made landfall earlier this week, leaving a path of destruction and chaos that made it almost impossible to get out of the area.

Garrett and Katie Fox were caught in the middle of it all

“They didn't have any running water in the town of Cabo,” Katie said. “No power. The power they said would be weeks before it comes back on.”

“There was no communication either, so it was just by word of mouth from the cab driver that La Paz was a good place to go,” her husband Garrett added.

Garrett and Katie finally made it home safely Friday, thanks to the support of their family. The couple’s parents, along with other stranded families, pooled their resources to hire a private jet to fly the group out of La Paz.

“We are so fortunate and blessed,” Katie said, with Garrett adding it was the “only way we made it back.”

For Karen Fox, Garrett’s mother, it was the silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud over her family's vacation.

“We're so relieved. We're so grateful. We're thanking God, and we're thanking especially the support group that these kids have. It's been quite a week,” said Karen.

She tried a lot of avenues before she found a way to get her kids home, though.

“I've spoke with several congressmen, I've spoke with the Mexican Embassy, the United States Embassy, also the consulate in Tijuana, Mexico. There really wasn't a lot of help out there. We're really concerned about the people that are still there, because they're not getting help.”

Others can only hope that their stories end this well.

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