No Phone For You: Plastic Phone Helps Smartphone Addicts Disconnect

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With the new iPhone 6 making its debut on Friday and more than 4 million phones sold in its first day on the market, it's apparent our obsession with technology is reaching another level!

The No Phone really caught our attention. It’s a phone shaped lump of plastic; a security blanket if you will for all those of you glued to your smartphones. Yea, we're looking at you!

In a world where we can't even walk without sending a text, the No Phone might be a good idea.

Think about it, it's battery-free, shatterproof, waterproof, needs no upgrades and hey, you don't even have to stand in line for it.

You can even take a selfie.

Interested? Well, this start up project developed by a group of friends is still in its infant stage, and just like the iPhone 6, you can pre-order online, only the No Phone will only set you back 12 bucks.

Sure, you can't check your E-mails, send texts or even make a call, but this might be the wake-up call we need to disconnect a little!

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