Mudslinging Madness: Abbott and Davis Face Off in Debate

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EDINBURG, TXCall it the battle on the border. Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis and Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott went toe-to-toe in the fight for the ultimate title – Governor of Texas.

Their first televised debate went down on Friday night in Edinburg. The pressure was on Davis, as the latest polls show she’s in a double-digit deficit behind Abbott.

So, here’s the tale of the tape. Davis wasted no time in throwing verbal darts at Abbot. Within the first five minutes of the debate, she called him out on school funding. Then, the candidates tackled the contentious topic of abortion.

“[Abbot] has shown he is not favorable, even for women to make decisions on their own, even in cases of brutal rape or incest," Davis said. "Mr. Abbott, that is not protecting Texas women. On behalf of Texas women, I say, no thank you.”

“Texas is assuring we protect more life and do a better job of protecting the health care of women," Abbott responded. "Women still have five months to make a very difficult decision.”

Neither candidate held back when the issue of raising minimum wage surfaced.

“I know Senator Davis thinks we need to have an increase in minimum wage in the state of Texas," Abbot said. "But, here’s the lost fact – about 94% of hourly wage jobs in Texas are paid above minimum wage already.”

“Once again, my opponent is looking out for his insider friends," Davis fired back. "If they worked a hard day’s work, they deserve a fair day’s pay.”

The singular moment of interaction between the candidates came when the two engaged in debating the issue of education funding.

“The only thing right now coming between our children and appropriate funding of their schools today is you," Davis fired at Abbott. "On behalf of the 5-million children of this state, will you agree tonight to drop your appeals and allow our schools to be appropriately funded?”

“Sen. Davis, there’s actually another thing coming between me and settling that lawsuit, and that is a law that you voted on and helped pass in 2011 that removes from the Attorney General the ability to settle lawsuits just like this,” Abbott responded.

It was a bare-knuckle bout that’ll likely continue in the form of campaign ads. Let’s see how these blows affect the polls.

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Let the mudslinging begin, or should we say continue, as we march closer to the Gubernatorial Election.

Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott are stepping into the center of the ring. The two are set to square off in their first debate Friday night in Edinburg, down in Rio Grande Valley.

Now there’s no way to truly tell what snarky statements will be fired off from either side – or is there?

Well, as of late, Davis has taken a dig at Abbott’s alleged legal involvement in a hospital scandal, claiming his office went to court against the victims, only after ‘accepting a quarter million dollar campaign contribution.’


However, Greg is taking a few jabs himself. In his latest ad, he claims the Democratic Senator reportedly voted on bills that helped folks in her law firm, at the taxpayer’s expense. What’s more – the ad calls her ‘unethical and unfit.’ Guess Greg wasn’t first in line to get a copy of Wendy’s book.

Okay, so are these claims legit and will they push people to the polls? Looks like we won’t know until the last ballot is cast.

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