Meet Me at the Border: Gov. Perry Invites Mexican President to Visit Border

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AUSTIN -- In a world where communication is often limited to texts, emojis and emails – it’s nice to get a personal letter; especially when it includes an invitation.

So,  in the ever evolving chronicles of Rick Perry, the Governor extended his version of an olive branch to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Yeah, listen to this – in response to Pena’s harsh criticism, Perry penned a note inviting El Prez to personally check out the National Guard that’s now prominently positioned along the Texas-Mexico border. Pena was recently quoted calling Perry’s move, “reprehensible.”

But, Perry fired back. In his letter the Gov. wrote:  “Our challenges today are partly a consequence of the failure of the Mexican government to secure its southern border from illegal immigration by unaccompanied children and other individuals from Central America, or to deploy adequate resources to control the criminal element in Mexico.”

Wonder what Pena thinks of that. Hey, this could just end in a game of pen your thoughts on the border.



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