Hit the Start Button: Frisco Gets First Ever Video Game Museum

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FRISCO, TX — Gamers in DFW just scored big!
“The video game industry itself is bigger than Hollywood and music combined,” Sean Kelly, Director of the National Video Game Museum, said.
Frisco hit the start button on the National Video Game History Museum, which will be located inside the Frisco Discovery Center.  It’s a first of its kind.
“It’s something we set out to do back when nobody else was doing it,” said John Hardie, Director of the National Video Game Museum.
Over a span of 30 years, John Hardie, Sean Kelly, along with their partner Joe Santulli, gathered the largest collection of video game memorabilia around the country.
“We have everything from Pong to Xbox One,” Kelly explained.
“There is a whole story on how those games came to be,” Hardie said.
With those stories will be a highly interactive experience.  You’ll get to play every game on display.
“You’re going to evolve through the industry as we tell the story.  Your going to be immersed in that story,” Kelly said.
You’ll see games that never made it to the store shelves or are just too darn old to remember.
“Perfect example is we’re going to have a computer space machine,” Kelly said. “Came out in the seventies.  I think it’s the first coin operated video game machine.”
Also, you’ll get to create your own game.
“We thought it would be cool to let people in on a course of a couple of weekends.  And design your own pong game.”
And it’s not just for video game lovers.

“We actually want to convert the people who think video games aren’t viable,” Hardie said.

That’s right kids.  If your parents don’t allow you to play video games.  Bring them to the museum.  Sean and John will set them straight.

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