Don’t Fry Your Phone: Fake iOS 8 Ad Claims Microwaves Charge Battery

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CUPERTINO, CA -- Okay folks, time now for your daily dose of don’t do that! You know the game – a heads-up on what to avoid, to avoid getting into a pickle.

Today's topic is burning-up the lines: the new iPhone operating system 8. Yeah, Apple just dropped its latest update with facinating features to include better editing tools for your pics and videos, and the bump-and-go Apple pay system.

But, here’s something that’s circulating social media – the wave feature. Ad ad posted on Twitter claims the new iOS will allow you to charge your iPhone in a microwave.

But, the folks over at say, don’t do that! Yeah, turns out it’s just a hoax. It’s along the same wave length as the last system update. Remember, the one that claimed the software would make your iPhone waterproof?

How many of you fell for that? So friends, if you see the ad, remember – don’t do that!




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