Mammoth Flip: Perot Museum Takes Final Steps to Move Mammoth

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ELLIS COUNTY, TX -- You may remember a few weeks back we told you the story of a Colombian mammoth discovered in a sand and gravel pit in Ellis county. Well, for folks around here it's is a pretty big deal! You could say mammoth!

“It's neat and interesting, but this has just gotten bigger, bigger and continues to get bigger,” said Marty McEwen who Discovered the Mammoth.

Now this big-boned beauty is on the move to the Perot Museum.

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Dr. Ron Tykoski with the museum will examine and study the remains.

”What happened here that took this incredibly successful species of animal and wiped them out in geological time in a flash," said Dr Tykoski. "Today was the largest most fragile, most worrisome block for us to try to take out."

So why was this such a mammoth of a job? Well, this part of the plastered pachyderm weighed over 1,000 pounds. It took seven people just to flip it over.

This mammoth find has gotten world wide attention. So much in fact, the Perot set up a webcam to stream the excavation.

“I guess other people like to watch people work," Dr. Tykoski said while laughing. "Frankly from my perspective what we’ve been doing most the time in the hole hasn’t been terribly exciting. I think people are just drawn and want to be apart of it.”

It'll be at least a year before this big guy goes on display, but then he could be around for another 30,000 thousand years.

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