Just the Facts: Texas Textbooks Not Up to Par?

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AUSTIN, TX – Here in the great state of Texas, there’s a great debate about textbooks. And so far, it looks like they’re not making the grade.

Yep, the state Board of Education is getting an earful about the latest wave of social studies and history books waiting for Texas High Schoolers. A lot of folks, mainly educators, think the information is, well, wrong.

Like, was Moses the original Founding Father?

One SMU history professor told the board, Texas school kids will think Moses was “the First American” if one textbook is approved. Well, that doesn’t sound quite right. The same critic points out the Hillary Clinton got 38 lines of nothing but positive.

The list goes on –and on.

Folks testified that some of the books are biased against minorities, with unfair passages about American Indians, Hispanics, and Muslims.

And was the Civil War really about tariff disputes? That doesn’t sound quite right either.

Well, it’s been 12 years since Texas updated its textbooks. Once the newbies make it past this review, the board will vote in November and the winners will be in the hands of high school students in 2015.

In case anybody actually reads them, let’s make sure the textbooks don’t flunk the test.

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