iWait is Here: Dallas Techies Camped Out for iPhone 6

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DALLAS --  Tents.  Normally used to explore the great outdoors, hike the toughest mountains, but these days -- to camp outside a retail store to get the iPhone 6.

Lyle Lathem is first in line. "Got my cot back in the back there my ice chest."

Sitting next to Lyle is Justin Wagoner, second in line at the Knox Street Apple Store in Dallas.

"I wish I saw an ice cream truck driving down the street," Wagner joked.

They're not just braving the 90 degree heat for Friday's launch of the new Apple iPhone 6.  They're actually on vacation.

"One. I want to make sure I am able to get the latest and greatest coming out," Lathem said.  "Second, I just need a little bit of time away from work doing nothing but just sitting and relaxing."

"Like Lyle, I'm here just to get away for a while," Wagoner explains.

Like tailgating the enjoy the experience just as much as getting their hands on new tech.

"You get a lot of camaraderie with some of the fellow apple fans," Lathem said.  "As more people start lining up you get to talking having things in common."

So what's all the fuss about the new iPhone this time?

"I'm really excited about the larger screens," Wagoner explains.

The new iPhone 6 is releasing two versions.  One with a 4.7 inch screen and the Plus with a 5.5 inch screen.  But they're not just bigger.  They're thinner.  Around 7 millimeters.

For those who don't want the new phone, but the new operating system iOS 8.  Well, it's got some issues.

Yep, you need up to 6 gigabytes to download it over the air.  An obvious problem if your phone is filled up with apps.  A solution is hook your phone up to a computer and download it through iTunes.

Anyhoot, if you think Lyle and Justin are crazy for getting in line for the chance of getting the newest iPhone on Friday, people started waiting outside a store in New York City before Apple even announced it's release.

The catch is most of these folks are being paid.  Either to promote apps and websites or to buy phones for folks with enough money to have someone else do the waiting.

Hey, no dough for Justin and Lyle.  Just a little vacation.

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