Fun Feud: Arlington Family Lands a Spot on Family Feud

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ARLINGTON, TX -- We asked 100 people -- Ever dream of being a contestant on the Family Feud? Survey says, yes! That dream came true for one Arlington Family.

Meet the McKissics -- J.E., Michelle, Carla Smith, Terrance Alexander, and Veronica Griffith.  NewsFix caught up with the contestants who relived their national TV debut with us.

“Exhilarating, Exciting. It was surreal,” Michelle McKissic said.  “Like I watch this all the time and now we're ‘freakin’ here.”

“Sweaty palms, heart racing, all that,” teammate Carla Smith said.

Hey, winning a spot on the show isn't as easy as it looks. Tons of people attend live auditions and send in audition videos.

“Michelle had an idea with our other cousins to shoot a video. We submitted it,” J.E. McKissic said.

“And magic!” Michelle added.

C’mon, we all want to know -- what’s it really like backstage?

“You have a bunch of different families,” Michelle said.  “It’s like a weird family reunion. We were there from the beginning of the day to the end, whether or not you’re playing.”

“Very long day,” chimed Veronica Griffith.

“The families are part of the studio audience,” J.E. added.

What about some of those ‘good answers’ that are...well…not so good?  Do you tell your teammates?

“I looked at my teammate, saying-- Good answer...really?” Griffith said.

“What about when y’all gave bad answers?” J.E. asked.

“We didnt!” Michelle said.

“A couple of times, y’all were looking at me like ‘really,’ and then ding!” J.E. said.

What was host, Steve Harvey, like?

“Steve said he could help me get a husband,” Michelle said. “But I'm still sitting here single!”

The McKissics came back with a new ‘tune.’  Contestant, J.E., performed ‘Amazing Grace’ on stage. The family even made it to the fast money round, but fell short of the grand prize by 8-points.

That’s okay guys, we’ve got a winning question for ya!

Top answer is on the board -- What is your favorite news program in DFW?

“NewsFix!!!” the family screamed.

Alright!! Well, NewsFix is fresh out of new cars, but the McKissics got an official NewsFix T-Shirt!

Catch the McKissics Thursday to see if they’ll take home that big money!

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