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What’s Next? Equusearch Suspends Christina Morris Search

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PLANO, TX -- The fields are empty in Plano -- no drones searching overhead  and the command center at Legacy Church is shut down. For now, the search for Christina Morris, who has missing more than two weeks, has been called off.

Texas Equusearch, the Houston-based search and rescue team, has packed up its gear headed back to Houston.

But they want to make it clear -- it's not over until it's over.

“They will come back if the Plano Police Department finds a new area that needs to be searched. They will be here in four hours, no problem,” Christina’s mom Jonni McElory said. “They were helping with the search, but my heart will be the leader to find her home.”

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Until Equusearch arrived, she'd been searching 24/7 with family and friends, and she has no plans to call off the search.

“Its time to get in overdrive, keep searching. We are actually going to meet up with some people at six o' clock and try to get a search team on our own. That's our plan to do it tonight," McElroy said

While she rallies the troops, she has her own theory on what's happened to Christina since the night she vanished.

"I really believe she's inside somewhere," McElroy said. "Do I think she is perfectly healthy? Absolutely not.  I believe she's still alive.  I can feel it.  And I am not giving up believing that until somebody proves me wrong."

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