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Our Community Pantry: Food Bank Lets Folks Shop Away

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DALLAS, TX — At first glance, ‘Our Community Pantry’ looks like one of those fancy, overpriced specialty grocery stores.  Believe it or not, it’s actually a product of the North Texas Food Bank.

“Distributing fresh produce and healthy foods is one of our key goals here,” Anna Kurian with the North Texas Food Bank said.

The North Texas Food Bank rolled out ‘Our Community Pantry’ and companies like Kroger pitched in for shelves and refrigeration.  Believe it or not, this building used to house a liquor store.

Talk about a turn around!

“You’ll see behind me, the fresh produce, the murals,” Kurian added.  “We want the shopping experience to be empowering for them, that they’re selecting the food that they want.”

Instead of getting a cardboard box with pre-picked stuff, clients get to go shopping for their own items with a little guidance.

“It’s a treat because you can kind of choose what you want,” shopper Florence Donnell said.

She says the area needs something like ‘Our Community Pantry.’

“I was so excited about it because I’ve lived out here in South Dallas all my life.  Born in 1927. It was just really refreshing,” Donnell added.

Poverty hit the 75215 zip code hard.  The poverty rate is higher than 30%.  Many folks in the area depend on some kind of federal funding.

“It really helps.  It really helps, especially us elderly.  I thank the Texas food bank for thinking about South Dallas and I thank God for it, because it’s a blessing,” Donnell smiled.

Kudos to you, North Texas Food Bank for helping nice folks like Ms. Florence here. Shop on!

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