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Not a Good Look: Shirt Appears to Make Fun of Campus Shooting

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PHILADELPHIA--Have you ever seen a bratty kid who seemed to get in trouble just to get attention? That might be what comes to mind when you see the latest stunt by Urban Outfitters.

The clothing chain's website showed a "Kent State University" sweatshirt with what looked like blood stains and bullet holes all over it.

Really guys? Could you get any less class?

"Just really in poor taste," Cecilia Hennig said of the shirt. "I can't imagine anyone would want to wear a shirt like that."

Kent State is where the Ohio National Guard opened fire on protesting students back in 1970. 4 students were killed; another was permanently paralyzed and 8 others were wounded.

"I think it is a bit too much," Daniel Estrada said.

Urban Outfitters apologized. They said what looks like blood and bullet holes is actually natural discoloration and normal wear and tear. Yeah, keep trying, guys.

It's hard to take their story seriously when you look at some of the other stunts they've pulled in the past, like shirts that seem to encourage teen drinking, or holiday-themed shirts that read "Santa Claus hates you," with the guy in red flipping the bird," and "Jews do it for 8 nights."

Maybe they should come up with a better way to attract attention.

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