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Closing Comments: Spankings Not Beatings

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After being bombarded with the Ravens Ray Rice punching of his fiance on video non-stop last week, the timing couldn’t be worse for Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson, indicted for negligent injury to a child.

Reports are this summer he allegedly whipped his 4-year-old son with a tree branch, or “switch” as punishment for pushing one of his other kids off a motor bike video game.

The case was referred to HPD when a doctor in Minnesota, where the boy lives with his mother, said the injuries looked consistent with child abuse by switch and another incident possibly involving a cord.

Peterson turned himself in on Saturday and is out after posting  a $30,000 bond. I’ll just say this, and tell me if you agree — they’re your kids, spank ’em if you need to. A spank on the bottom can help a young child remember what not to do in order to avoid another spank next time.

I’ve never had to discipline my kids with anything other than my hand — and it has been rare!! Could be it’s because, I was, what I guess you’d call physically abused as a kid? Spankings that turned into beatings, with hands, belts and sometimes the buckle.  Hit so hard you’d see stars. Later in the mirror, the bruises.

Old school discipline wasn’t all good, and back then when I would bleed, I knew a line had been crossed.

Then, the message of discipline was lost and the hate of the bastard that beat me took over the emotional wounds, and pain that caused in life, wound up taking years to get over!

If you were abused, break the cycle. Don’t beat the spirit out of your kid!  Spanks not beatings.

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