Olive Garden Investor: Back Off the Free Breadsticks!

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breadsticksNEW YORK — Back off the unlimited breadsticks!

Does it really take a nearly 300-page report to get that point across? Apparently so for one of Olive Garden’s biggest investors, Starboard Value.

Starboard ripped servers for bringing out too many breadsticks — leading to waste and cold food — in return causing the Italian restaurant chain to lose money.

Hey, they may have a point.

But don’t get ready to boycott just yet. The unlimited breadsticks aren’t going anywhere.

The hedge fund says it just wants servers to follow official policy which is to bring out one breadstick per customer at a time, plus an extra for the table.

Alrighty then.

Along with easing off the sticks, Starboard says the pasta is flavorless. It’s telling Olive Garden to use salt when cooking the pasta, and to serve more liquor.

Again, they may have a point. Nothing like flavorless pasta to get your blood boiling.