Focusing on Sunday: Cowboys Look Past NFL Drama, Towards Titans

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UPDATE: The NFL and the NFLPA failed to reach a finalized agreement in time for the Saturday roster deadline. This means, while the players did ratify the new drug policy, players like Scandrick will not be eligible for Sunday's games.

VALLEY RANCH, TX - The NFL world is stuck in the middle of what may be its biggest controversy ever. Calls for commissioner Roger Goodell to resign are echoing all over the nation due to his handling of the Ray Rice incident.

New evidence is raising questions about when the NFL knew about the infamous elevator video and how the Commish could possibly justify his initial 2 game suspension of Rice if he saw it.

And if he didn't see it, that raises some other big questions.

But Friday, at a rainy Valley Ranch, the Cowboys focus was squarely on their showdown with the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

“Just do what we do, execute plays, not try to go out there and do something spectacular just go out there and play football,” said Cowboys wide receiver Dwayne Harris about the offense’s approach to Sunday’s game.

Well the Cowboys definitely have their ears perked up for the other piece of NFL drama coming down the pike.

The NFL Players Association voted and approved a new drug policy today. That means Cowboys corner Orlando Scandrick, who was initially suspended four games for using “Molly”, is now immediately reinstated into the league.

Coach Garrett was vague on whether or not Dallas would rush Scandrick to Nashville for the game.

“I think we would look at all options and certainly Orlando being a veteran player who knows our system, he's played a lot of football in this league, you would try to give him as much consideration as possible,” Garrett said. “Obviously we have everyone else ready and prepared to play in this game and we’ll make our best decision.”

Yeah, the Cowboys have to make their decisions. This new drug policy is a big deal and means marquee players like Scandrick, Wes Welker and Josh Gordon will be getting back on the field sooner than expected.

But with the NFL still smarting from the “punch heard ‘round the world”, who’s even going to notice?