Blood Money: $90 Million in Cartel Money Seized

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- It’s like a scene out of the movie Scarface. Drug dealers are using illegal means to amass their large fortunes. And, this story is no different.

But, you can score one for the good guys.

In Los Angeles, federal agents, involved in a joint sting operation, snatched a heap of cash from the Mexican cartels and other criminal organizations on Wednesday.

Exercising dozens of warrants, teams of officers raided businesses in the city’s Fashion District which are suspected of being linked in a massive money laundering ring.

The Feds are proud of this major seizure and were more than happy to show it off to the public.

In all, the crackdown netted authorities about $90 million, about $70 million of it was in cash.

While this will cost international drug traffickers a pretty penny, authorities say they have an uphill battle to stop the flood of illegal funds flowing into the country.

So, by the looks of it – they will have their hands full for quite some time.

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