Howdy, Folks! Former Voice of Big Tex Still Wants Job Back

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DALLAS--When Big Tex went up in flames in 2012, Bill Bragg thought his job was safe.

"Management has told me 'don't go away 'cause you've got a big job to do next year,'" he said on the day of the fire.

And why would he worry?

He'd been the voice of Big Tex for ten years.  To lots of people he *was* Big Tex.

By September 2013, a new Big Tex was watching over Fair Park. But Bragg's career as the voice? That was going up in smoke.

"I feel like everything has been taken from me," Bragg said Wednesday.  "I don't know which way to turn or what to do. My heart is broken."

Now we're about to start the second year of the fair without Bragg, but this cowboy ain't ready to ride off into the sunset.

"Howdy, Folks!  This is Big Tex.  And I sure would like to have my job back," he said, when asked to speak in that famous voice.

He's using social media to ask people to call fair officials directly.

"They said they'll revisit it in four or five years," Bragg said of fair officials.  But he believes that's just a way of saying they don't ever expect to hire him again.

Big Tex is getting a new shirt this year.  Bragg, and a lot of fans, hope he'll get his old voice.