Face My Age: Your Selfie Could Predict When You’ll Die

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DALLAS – Want to know how long you’re going to live? Well, you can put away your crystal ball and stop calling Miss Cleo – apparently all you need is a selfie.

Yep. The website Face My Age takes your picture and tells you when you can expect to, well, die. It also guesses your age based on the pic you uploaded.

Once you get to the site and take your selfie, enter you age, gender, ethnicity and date of birth. Then you upload the pic.

Oh yeah, be prepared to answer some personal questions like -- how often do you smoke? Do you do drugs? And be careful ladies, they say the more make-up, the less accurate your Face My Age result will be.

Now apparently this isn’t just your average recreational site. Nope, it was created by real life scientists.

So, say bye-bye to diet and exercise. It looks like the key to a long life is a perfect selfie. But we all knew that already, right?