Feline Fun House: Man With Asperger’s Builds Ultimate Cat Maze

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ST. JAMES, Minn. — Don’t let your cats see what these four have — you will NEVER hear the end of it.

Greg Krueger, the only human living in his Minnesota home, has put several of his passions together and created a grand home for his four cats. “I just love trails and paths — and cats, of course — and so I’ve just linked those passions together,” Krueger says when describing his feline fun house.

Krueger has been carving through walls and building the elaborate passageways and cubbies for more than 15 years; it’s a never-ending design that he thinks about all the time — including all day at work and at night when he’s trying to fall asleep. He spends his spare time adding to the boundless puzzle inside his home. “‘Cause I have Asperger’s Syndrome, I’m probably not the best at socializing,” he says.

Krueger found out just last year, at age 49, that he has Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. He considers the disorder a blessing and the reason he is able to focus so well on his intricate project. “Obviously, my house would not be like this if I didn’t have Asperger’s,” he says. “If it takes a long time, I don’t care because if I like what I’m doing, I almost don’t want to finish what I’m doing.”

In addition to having nearly 100 yards of detailed overhead walkways, the cats get to look down on their owner — you know they love that — and Krueger is great with it. “They’re fun to watch; they’re very agile,” he says.

In addition to giving his current cat family of four a life of luxury, Krueger also does it for his previous pets, the ones he says have understood him since he was a boy. He touches each of their grave markers everyday, for good luck.

“It’s been said that all cats have Asperger’s Syndrome, so I think that might be one reason why I really love cats — is that I kind of think that I can understand their personality really well,” Krueger says.

If he ever decides to sell his house, cat owners will be lining up.

Mike Brinkley of WCCO interviewed Greg Krueger.

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