Wendy’s Woes: Texas Senator Releases Tell-All Book

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AUSTIN, TX -- It's two months until Election Day, and Wendy Davis is getting a lot of traction from those pink running shoes.

She hit the ground Monday in NYC, with an exclusive on GMA about her new tell-all book.

By dinner time, she was back in Texas, where folks were lining up at the TCU’s Barnes & Noble to meet and snap pictures with the Democratic candidate for governor.

Forgetting to Be Afraid is in bookstores across the country this week, and it includes some pretty personal stuff.

Davis writes about terminating two pregnancies for medical reasons and reveals how her suicidal mom considered killing her kids during a bout with depression.

She’s currently considered the long shot candidate in the race for Rick’s seat against Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Her book just might tug at some heart-strings, although she’s proved her toughness by standing on her feet for 11 hours during that filibuster-- even if it wasn't in heels.

So, the race is on

Will this tell-all become a bestseller? Will Wendy put a female back in the governor’s mansion?

Looks as if we’ll have to wait for the final chapter on Election Day.