Pasta Permit: Woman Wears Spaghetti Strainer in License Photo

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ENID, OK — Straining your noodle in the kitchen is a common sight, but not on a state permit!

Shawna Hammond’s Oklahoma issued driver license actually features her wearing a pasta colander on her cranium. No, this is not a nod to her favorite food, but for religious reasons, she claims.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety allows the wearing of religious headpieces, as long as your face is clearly seen.

“She kind of chuckled. She giggled, gave me a funny look and asked me what religion I was. I told her i was a Pastafarian,” Hammond said.

A pasta what?! Pastafarianism, for those not familiar with the Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster, is a mock-religion with a sole mission of keeping intelligent design and creationism out of public schools.

Their satirical view states, if God is introduced into classrooms, then their pasta god should be included.

A colander covering their meatballs is the traditional headdress of the Pastafarians and these pasta-rastas are popping up all over the place.

Last year, even a council member for the city of Pomfret, New York was sworn-in with his trusty strainer topping his noggin.

So, something used for draining spaghetti is now being used to make a religious statement. Still, if you asked us, covering your head with a colander just makes you look crazy. And to that we say, R’Amen!