Dangerous Game: Teen Hit By Car While Playing Fugitive Game

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FORT WORTH-Seems like a dangerous new game has hit the streets! Teens in Fort Worth are learning that playing in traffic is a big no-no! Hmmm, didn't we teach you this in kindergarten?

Fifteen-year-old Ashlee Aguilera was struck by a car last weekend after playing the "fugitive game.” Yeah, we had to look that one up too.

Here's how it breaks down, it's a take on cops and robbers and tag-you're-it, except the fugitive runs into the street and tries to out-run the "cops" chasing them in cars.

Only problem? Not everyone on the road is in on the game. That's how an unsuspecting driver hit Aguilera.

It all happened late at night on Boat Club Road near Boswell High School.

Aguilera is now listed in good condition at JPS Hospital's intensive care unit.

The 26-year-old driver who hit the teen did stop to help and won't face any charges.

Come on teens, what happened to the good ole days when Frogger was the only game that involved dodging traffic?