Chief Problem: FWPD Chief in Hot Seat for Racial Discrimination

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FORT WORTH, TX – They say what’s done in the dark, comes out in the light. And the racial issues that put the Fort Worth Police Department in the spotlight now have the City Council’s full attention.

You may remember the apology Chief Jeff Halstead posted on YouTube, right before a report blamed him for his role in discrimination complaints from black officers on his force.

"It was very apparent within the report that even I made some very poor judgment decisions, and I apologized to any and everyone I have hurt,” Chief Jeff Halstead said.

Well, it looks like the City Council might not be buying it. Tuesday night, they plan to decide whether Chief Halstead will be disciplined – but it’ll all be behind closed doors.

Apparently, this all started with a snowman. Three sergeants reportedly made one, then put a banana in its hand, a noose around its neck and a police hat on its head.

The city spent $45,000 for an independent investigation into this incident and other complaints about "acts of harassment" from supervisors, employees, and cops – who are black.

The report concludes the Fort Worth Police Department didn't follow its own Code of Ethics and chain of command failed to stop officers from ridiculing, mocking, deriding, taunting, belittling, embarrassing, humiliating or shaming another person.

Now that all this bad behavior is out for everyone to see, an apology may be too little, too late.