Bad Move: Loaded Rifle Found in Carry-On at DFW Airport

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DALLAS, TX — When you’re getting ready for a flight, what’s the one thing that’s scarier than flying? Getting through security, right?

Well, that wasn’t quite the case for one traveler flying out of DFW. Take a look at what was in his carry-on — a freakin’ 40-caliber folding stock rifle!!


#TSACatch – .40 caliber folding stock rifle loaded with 15 rounds in a carry-on bag at DFW Airport

Oh yeah, and it was loaded with 15 rounds with an additional magazine loaded with 20 rounds packed in the bag.

No word on his motive, but good good work TSA! And big surprise, he was arrested but as not been identified.

Get this, that’s not the only eyebrow raising thing TSA found this week. Around the country, they confiscated 35 loaded guns, grenades, a lipstick knife and bear attack deterrent.

Really? Geez, people!

The next time you fly, leave your guns and grenades at home, folks.

By the way, Thursday is 9/11.