Hands on Hope: Hyundai Helps Cancer Survivors Leave Their Mark

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DALLAS —Normally, hospitals aren't all that happy, but it was all smiles at Children’s Medical Center Monday.

“We aren't going to be satisfied until every patient is a survivor and able to come smiling like the kids are here,” Dr. Theodore Laetsch said.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Hyundai Hope on Wheels rolled on down to Big D to dish out $250,000 for research.

“The funding’s going to allow us to open a clinical trial of a new technology called MR HIFU that can actually heat up a patient’s tumor, instead of causing all the systemic side effects of chemotherapy. We can localize the treatment right to the patient’s tumor,” Dr. Laetsch explained.  “I’m elated to get this funding.”

These pint-sized survivors got to put their mark all over the special occasion -- literally!  Each survivor got to put paint hand prints all over a Hyundai vehicle and on Dr. Laetsch’s white coat.

But the journey for these kids hasn't always been smooth.

“Julia was diagnosed with leukemia—acute lymphoblastic leukemia in December of 2013,” her mother, Jennifer Brown said.

The 9-year-old was hospitalized for about 70 days. Now, she’s back at home.

“She’s currently in remission and she has about a year and a half left of treatment,” her mother added.

Now, she only has chemotherapy treatments once a month.

“I like to do art projects -- pretty much anything with my friends,” Julia said.

“To hell with cancer!” a representative with the local Hyundai dealerships said.

Hey, we second that, brother!