Raising Hope: LGBT Summit Helps Teens Find Their ‘Brave Space’

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DALLAS -- Let’s face it – being a teenager isn’t always easy. The often awkward, coming-of-age, self-exploration period in a teen’s life can sometimes be challenging.

For some, growing up can be especially tough.

“Our gay and lesbian and transgender community, they are faced with more challenges out there," Yadi Martinez explained. "We wanted to be there, for those youth, and help them address some of those topics and issues. But, not just by talking, but creating workshops where they can deal with those issues themselves."

On Saturday, the Transgender Educational Network teamed up with Cathedral of Hope, to bring hope, to the local LGBT community.

The goal? Provide a safe place for teens to open-up, talk about issues that affect them, and empower North Texas youth – regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

“To bring them here, empower them and give them the tools to go out and make their own brave space and help other people with that," Connor Vollmering said.

The summit included workshops and networking sessions that strive to build teen’s confidence and self-esteem. The event comes on the eve of a mass demonstration, set for Sunday, outside AT&T Stadium.

The group, American Decency, says it’ll protest the recent signing of openly gay player, Michael Sam, to the Cowboys practice squad.

Hey, may be that group should’ve attended Saturday’s summit.