Blind Butcher Cooks Up Atmosphere and Sausages in Lower Greenville

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There are a few places in Dallas that have been "Go To" spots for entertainment, and food for as long as Lower Greenville.  A recent addition to the neighborhood mixes meat and beer, with friends and atmosphere.
Matt Tobin, one of the owners, talks about what he first thought before moving in. “ We got in here and we started looking and we saw how far back it went, and patio opportunities; the cool shotgun style of it, and we were like okay, I think maybe we need to do this."

The space  became the Blind Butcher on Lower Greenville Ave.

blind butcher

Tobin, a former bouncer and bartender, teamed up with some friends  to make this venture a success. “It’s good people that know what they're doing and have some experience trying to honestly go about doing business the right way."

Oliver Sitrin, the executive chef of Blind Butcher, remembers how he first met up with the group.

"We were just mutual friends of friends  having beers and playing video games together many years ago."
Sitrin, who has a fine dining background,  enjoys the casual atmosphere. But, he still puts in a lot of hard work for the meat-centric menu.

“It takes a team of people to do what we do. We start really early in the morning, and we come up with what we need to make sausages."

In a case near the kitchen, you can find some of their selection. Everything from  brisket cheddar jalapeno, bacon brat, and English style banger. They even have a selection of pickles and mustard that they create in-house.
Blind Butcher Meats
From Crispy Pig Ears and Pork Poutines to Meat Boards and Big Ice Cream Sandwiches, the Blind Butcher tempts the taste buds with unique offerings that range from sweet to savory.

It’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere is no coincidence. The eatery has no back office for the managers to hide in. There simply wasn’t space for one.

Tobin says, “It often works out well because the manager on the floor has to be out on the floor because there is no where else to go, and it leads to better customer service.”

So, if you love all things meat, or just want a good drink and friendly company, head on over to the Blind Butcher. Tell em NewsFix sent ya.