Terror Techie: American Computer Wiz Running ISIS Social Media

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BOSTON, MA – Looking for an exciting job?

Wanted: Social media guru, who’s Facebook savvy and knows how to write compelling tweets.

Fluent in English and Arabic.

Must be willing to relocate and to kill Americans.terrorist2

Experience preferred, but not required.

The FBI thinks it knows someone who ended up with the job with the Islamic State, or ISIS. He’s Ahmad Abousamra , in his early 30s, who grew up near Boston and got a degree in computer technology from Northeastern University in Boston.

He also has passports from the US and Syria.

The FBI can’t say for sure what Abousamra is doing with ISIS, but they say he might be part of its English-language social media network of terror that includes Facebook, an online magazine and a Twitter account that’s no longer available.

Abousamra’s beared buddy, American Tarek Mehanna, is doing 17 years in a federal pen, partly because of his role as the media guy for Al Qaeda in Iraq, which became ISIS.

In a bit of irony, the FBI is using social media, like Facebook,Twitter and Podcasts to find Abousamra.

The question is: Will we get him before he gets more western recruits to get us?