Feeling Tipsy: Ford Focused on Curbing Drunk Driving

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DALLAS -- Most of us have had a few too many once or twice in our life. And when we do get a little tipsy we know better than to get behind the wheel, right?

“One in every 10 drivers on Friday and Saturday night are impaired,” said Deputy Chris Lobda.

With that in mind, the folks at Ford have come up with a way to curb those stats.

“Ford motor company has a big commitment to safety, and this impairment suit is a big part of that,” said Rob Beard  with Ford Motor Company.

Bring out the Impairment Suit. It's basically designed to take you off-balance like a six-pack  or too many margaritas.

Weights are strapped to your arms, legs and neck to give you that truly buzzed feeling. If that isn't enough, you also get fitted with a pair of beer goggles that will have you seeing triple.

“They always think that 'I'm ok. I'll be fine. I'm going to make it. I'm just down the street.' One wrong turn can take their life forever,”  said Deputy Chris Lobda.

Joe Dangelo has already had a close encounter with a drunk driver. He and his family were hit head-on by a guy who had one too many.

“Hit me going about 40 miles per hour with my family in the car and everything,” Dangelo said.

He and his family got lucky, but last year about 10,000 people died because of drunks behind the wheel.

Rob Beard said, “The message goes far beyond young people and hopefully its making an impact with everyone.”