Fallen Family: Dhawan Deaths Disturbing Details

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DhawanFRISCO, TX — Preliminary autopsy results were released Friday on the Frisco couple found dead inside their home.

According to Frisco police, Sumeet Dhawan had blunt force trauma to his head. His body was found inside the home. His wife, Pallavi was found floating in the family pool and showed no signs of trauma to her body.

The medical examiner is awaiting toxicology results to announce official causes of death.

Frisco PD also revealed a note was found on the scene, but did not release any further details.

Mrs. Dhawan had been charged with killing her son, Arnav back in January, but always maintained her innocence. She wrote a six-Arnav Dhawan page affidavit detailing her son’s medical history and why she kept his body covered with bags of ice in a bathtub.

Medical records later revealed Arnav suffered from a brain cyst that could possibly lead to seizures.