Canine Companions: Trained Dog Aides Wounded Warrior

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DALLAS – Risking your life for your country is a pretty huge sacrifice, right? So, it’s only right that those who get injured get a token of appreciation.

Friday, four Wounded Warriors received a furry token from Canine Companions. And these four-legged friends aren’t your average mutts.

"She's very aware of what's going on in my life, and even though I've only had her for a short time, she's integrating into my life very quickly,” Jason Morgan, a Wounded Warrior, said.

Jason Morgan got his dog, Rue, almost five years ago. And like all the dogs, Rue was trained for two years and knows about 40 commands. She can open doors, turn on lights, pick up stuff and pull a wheelchair.

"It saves my back when having to bend down and pick up things. If I'm tired she can pull me,” Morgan said.

Next year, Canine Companions hopes to expand from four dogs to 60, when a brand new facility opens up in Irving.

It costs $50,000 to train a dog like Rue, but for heroes like Jason Morgan, this is priceless. "It wasn't until I got my dog, that really changed my life; That I really felt like this is where I needed to be."