A Perfect Fit: Mike Modano Fitted for Hall of Fame Jacket

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modano 1DALLAS — They say you can tell a lot about a man from his suit. Well soon, Mike Modano’s new duds will remind everyone the super star is headed to the Hall of Fame.

The legendary Dallas Stars center, and recently named Hockey Hall of Famer, was sized-up, in front of a crowd, for his official HOF jacket.

“You get that little touch here, a little touch there – everything is right in place,” tailor Gennaro Macrini said. modano 2

“It’s a great jacket to get; it’s an honor to be able to wear it, and get it sized means a lot,” Modano explained. “So, it’s a great, fitting end to a career, being inducted.”

Talk about carrying your career on your back; the tailor-made jacket represents Modano’s 21-year career to include a hat-trick of accolades: a Stanley Cup win in 1999; a silver medal at the 2001 Salt Lake City Olympics; and in 2012, an induction into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

modano 3“The hardest part is becoming content with your career; you got the most out of it that you wanted to, you achieve some things, you accomplished some things, and had a chance to win. But certainly, the Hall of Fame puts everything to rest.”

That’s right, Mike.  Modano’s induction is set for November 17th. Hey, Mike – we think the Hall of Fame jacket will suit you just fine. modano 4