What’s Buggin’ You? Dallas Ranks #7 in Bedbug Infestations

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DALLAS —“Good Night, Sleep Tight…” Yeah, yeah, don’t let the bedbugs bite. We know the rest of the line. This cute little rhyme is no joke.

Terminix Termite and Pest Control compiled a list of the Most Infested Bedbug Cities and Dallas made the top ten.

Philly popped number 1 and the Big D was lucky number 7.  That’s nothing to cheer about.

“I thank the Lord I don’t have ‘em,” Dallas resident Fredrick Hicks said. "But I can see how it can be a problem for some people."

The blood sucking insects can hitchhike on your luggage, through pipes and wires from the guy in the next apartment, and even in your laptops and TVs.

“Who do you call…Pest Control?” Hicks asked.

You betcha. Bedbugs aren't quite a do-it-yourself kind of job.

“It’s pretty involved,” Rick Vessels, Operations Manager at Eco-Safe Pest control said.  Eco-Safe Pest control only uses methods that are environmentally friendly.

Some bug bombs can even spread the pests.

“What you can look for -- blood spots on the sheets cause they bite you and can inject kind of an anesthesia in your skin so that you don’t feel the bite,” Vessels said.

Well, that’s just mean of those bedbugs!

Joann McPhaul knows first hand how bad this can get. "I threw away my living room furniture, my rug, all my mattresses I had to replace,”  she said.

McPhaul got out of her lease, but she didn't get out unscathed with bites all on her arm.

“[They] just bit me all those times and they started biting my old man, they started biting my daughter.”

Hope Dallas can work the bugs out on this one.