Naughty Judges: Spanked for Having Sex in Their Chambers

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The gavel came down hard on two California judges for having sex.

But the judges were not having sex with each other.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance censured Superior Court judge Cory Woodward for having an affair with his clerk who served under him for nearly a year.

The commission said Woodward and the clerk did it in his chambers and public places, even flirting during court sessions and in the office.

The commission said Judge Woodward was also a big fat liar-liar when he told his boss there was nothing going on, despite what her husband was saying.

The commission also censured Superior Court judge Scott Steiner for courting sex while on the job.

The commission said Steiner got it on with a couple of female former law students, but not at the same time.

He wrote one a recommendation letter for a job with the district attorney, but she didn’t get it.

The second woman was an attorney who may have thought if she scratched his back, he’d scratch hers, so to speak, and help her get a leg up on a position with the county.

Judging from these two, there’s a lot more going on under those robes than we realized.