Kick the Bucket: Malaysia Airline’s Controversial Bucket List Contest

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SUBANG, MALAYSIA – We’re all familiar with a bucket list, right? You know, the list you make of the things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket?’ Nothing inappropriate about that – right?

Well, that kind of changes when you throw an airline into the mix – particularly if it’s Malaysia Air.

The company just rolled out its My Ultimate Bucket List contest. Customers were asked to come up with creative ideas on what they want to do before they die, and the best of the best get prizes.

We get it, sales have been way down. No surprise there – but this?

Well, the campaign, um, crashed – just like flight MH17 in July. And there’s still the unsolved mystery of Malaysia flight 370, which vanished almost six months ago. A total of 537 folks are either dead or missing.

As you might imagine, Malaysia air got plenty of customer complaints, so the airline re-named the contest to ‘Win an iPad or Malaysia Airlines Flight to Malaysia’

Good save guys, after a not-so first class move.