Hoping to Help: Texas Hospital Testing Ebola Vaccine

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GALVESTON, TX — With the concern about Ebola spreading to the US, the issue remains — the lack of a vaccine.

Now, treatment may be close to home. Dr. Thomas Geisbert with UTMB Galveston says they’ve successfully tested a vaccine and treatment for Ebola.

Researchers say the treatment works on animals, but they have not tested it on humans and a lack of funding is putting a strain on their research.

Even if it does work on humans, the vaccine might not be available to the public for years. Pharmaceutical companies won’t pay for Ebola research because the virus doesn’t make enough Americans sick in order to make treatment profitable.

“That’s ridiculous,” one NewsFix viewer said.

Dr. Rick Sacra, who became infected by delivering babies in Liberia, is now the third American health worker infected there. He is expected to land at a military base in Nebraska for treatment in a couple of days.

Let’s hope the experts in Galveston can lift this Ebola strain off the world’s shoulders.