Going To The Cats: Katy Trail Overrun By Feral Cats

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It seems like the Katy Trail Is going to the cats!

That's right. over the past year this hike and bike trail has become a cat-tastrophe.

Growing number of feral cats have joggers and bikers less than puurrry! "When it rains the food gets all mooshy," said Jennifer Richardson, a jogger on the Katy Trail.

But you can't really blame these kitties, the real problem lies with the people feeding them along the trail.

And while they might mean well, the cats aren't the only ones feasting! We're talking opossums and raccoons.

The friends of the Katy Trail put up signs asking neighbors not to feed the feral felines.

"Trapping them and neutering them and releasing them into the wild is a more humane way than actually killing them or euthanizing them," said Oliver Diamante.

The idea isn't to starve the cats, feral cat organizations will still feed them. The goal is to prevent them from breeding and over eating.

This kitty-invasion isn't an overnight fix, but making sure hikers, bikers and our whiskered friends stay safe is all we can do right meow!