Cop App: DPD Upgrades Smartphone App

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DALLAS -- It seems like there’s an app for everything, even the Dallas Police Department has one.

“iWatch is an app on the cell phone that gives the citizen the ability to give timely tips to the Dallas police department,” said Tony Crawford with the Dallas Police Department.

iWatch isn't new to Dallas. In the past four years, the app has already come in handy.

“We've received over 4,000 tips. So, over 1,000 tips a year up to this point,” said Police Chief David Brown.

But things are also at a tipping point at DPD. “This is a tough time for law enforcement, we've got a bunch of critics and some of the criticism is deserved," Chief Brown explained.

A lot of that criticism comes from the fact that Dallas has had more than a dozen officer-involved shootings in the past year. It has triggered protests and people calling for more transparency.

Chief Brown agrees and has budgeted for 200 additional body cams for cops in the field.

“It’s not that silver bullet because it is limited as well, but it is evidence that the public sees as trust worthy,” Chief Brown said.

Along with the body cameras DPD is adding about 500 more tasers by early next year.