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Pain in the Butt: Woman Impaled in Bottom While Texting & Driving

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Elizabeth, Colo. — Christina Jahnz got a ‘kick’ in the rear — and a lesson — she’ll not soon forget.

“I did the voice text and I was in the parking lot and I looked down to make sure it was okay,” she said.

And the distraction of looking down at her text message is all it took.

Jahnz slammed into a guard rail, sending a pole through the front light of her truck, then through her buttocks, and finally through the seat behind her. Rescuers freed Jahnz and rushed her to a hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. “I’m truly a miracle,” she said, crying. “They said if it gone just a little bit the other way I would have bled out.”

How does she describe the bizarre accident? “Devastating, knowing that I could have prevented it to begin with,” Jahnz said. Fortunately, she’s lived to tell about it.

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