Labor of Love: Garland Labor Day Exchange Event

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GARLAND -- Labor day is synonymous with family, food and fun. And why not, we've earned it, with all the work we put in through the years.

The folks in Garland know how to celebrate the holiday. Welcome to the Garland Labor Day Exchange Event, or GLEE. There was plenty of glee to be found as kids and adults alike, enjoyed the cars, booths, and food.


Chair of the Parade, Ken Goodman, talked about how he and other volunteers wanted to give back to the community.

Shon Galvan came to the event to showcase his grandfather's car. His grandfather, Miguel Galvan, was a POW, but is still alive today.


Whether it's history, food, a sense of community; or, just a chance to spend time with family, the Garland event was just the right mix to celebrate Labor Day.