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Micronations: What Does it Take to Create a Country?

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MOLOSSIA — Ever wonder what it would be like to run a country? Meet His Excellency, Kevin Baugh, President of the Republic of Molossia. He took time away from his duties to give NewsFix exclusive insight into his 36-year reign.

“It`s kind of cool having your own country; this is what I do,” Baugh said.

It’s worth mentioning that Molossia, a 1.3 acre property located within the borders of Nevada, is a self-declared territory called a micronation.

“In regards to the legal process for creating a micronation, there really isn`t one,” Baugh explained.  No legal fees? Great! So what do you actually need to start a micronation?

“Having land is important if you want to start your own nation. I mean, if you have an apartment that`s fine.”

Apparently, a sense of humor helps, too. But, just how far have President Baugh and First Lady Adrianne Baugh gone to establish their homemade empire? Well, the Republic of Molossia has its own Navy, Space Program, measurement system, time-zone; and there`s the Molossian railroad. Not to mention the custom flag, royal attire, and, of course, personalized water bottles for thirsty tourists.

“We`re not mad at the U.S. government or anything crazy, we just wanted to have some fun and that`s what we do,” Baugh said.

While it would seem most self-appointed Presidents are, well, strange, President Baugh seems strangely normal.

“We`re very much a family. We do everything together, as a nation.”

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